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Wondering what the GCUC is all about?

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If you’re wondering what the Global Coworking Unconference Conference is all about, you aren’t alone! As buzz continues to build around the coworking community, many new comers will be attending the 2012 GCUC this March.

The conference is geared for two main participants: those already part of the scene and those looking to get better acquainted. The“unconference” track is great for seasoned coworkers and space owners, already familiar with what it takes to succeed as a shared space. There is also the “conference” track, structured for newer coworkers and space owners still curious about the basics.

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5 thoughts on “Wondering what the GCUC is all about?

  1. You said “The conference is geared for two main participants: those already part of the scene and those looking to get better acquainted.” The rest of the content here seems to address the supply side of “the scene” not the demand side.

    So, would it be correct to say that you are *primarily* targeting providers — who create and market for-profit co-working space offerings? In contrast, you’re less focused on the consumer needs — those entrepreneurs who would be the ones that purchase access to the space.

    Thank you in advance for some clarification on what you mean by “the scene”

    1. Hi David,

      Yes, GCUC is primarily for providers of Coworking. The two different audiences we’re talking about here are Coworking owners who have been around for awhile & people who have recently launched a Coworking space or are interested in doing so; Coworking Veterans and Rookies so to speak.

      We don’t expect many “consumers” of Coworking to attend. The users/consumers who will attend are likely to be avid Coworking-goers and enthusiasts or for those who include Coworking as an integral part of their business. You can check out the schedule here. These topics are to help Coworking spaces run their business.

      I hope this answers your question!


    2. Yet another great post on corenfence learning. I missed your 1-1 un-corenfence this year and can only hope that I find out about next years in time to get permission to attend. I am sure the rise in TeachMeets and un-corenfences is a move away from being preached at, as occurs at a traditional corenfence. After all apart from the food surely the best part of any corenfence is meeting and learning with other educators.

  2. This may outrage some but in the spiirt of Ben’s last paragraph, I’ll say it anyway.Why ride the unicorn to any place to learn unless you are effectively online pursuing the stated goal? Most people teaching in schools around the world are very limited in what they do online IMHO. Very few are even aware of Connectivist thinking or engaging in our era’s new paradigms. This limits what they can learn through sharing. It certainly makes it unlikely they can assist with truly helping their students to learn about learning.It is great to meet and be sociable but unless you are online no manner of unconf or conference will help you (or your students) in our hyperconnected age. It’s not so much about follow-up but ongoing, online flow.

  3. I attended the cenforence. I agree with you there needs to be some interaction between the audience and the speakers. Not so much the keynotes I am happy for those guys to provide inspiration, information and thought provoking ideas. The papers need to be less and more an interaction between the speaker and the audience. We are in the paper for a reason and there is never enough time for questions. The interaction online from audience is great but there needs to be some interaction with not necessarily the speaker but someone who work with the audience online. Something formalized not sure what maybe something for the next committee to think about.

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