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The Hub, Where Physical Spaces are Key to Impact

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ONE of the most crucial elements of a successful co-working space is the design.
Like the people who use the environment, it needs to be flexible, fluid and creative. Still, it is a constant work in progress as the community moulds the physical surroundings from the inside out and it can be rearranged as needs change.
Seven years’ experience has proven there are some key ideas that enhance the collaborative environment. This video, created by head architects of The Hub Andrea Paoletti and Cristina Rebolo, is a guide to building the optimal collaborative and co-working space.
Understanding the users and having them engaged in the design process is elementary in making the space as effective as possible. Meanwhile, certain materials and layouts foster a more organic evolution of the setting.

The HUB’s Recipe for Collaborative Spaces from The HUB on Vimeo.

Andrea Paoletti
Founder Casa Netural

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