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See you in Berkeley!

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NextSpace_Rothschild1-200x300 2Diana Rothschild here, the new CEO of NextSpace! I look forward to sharing more about myself separately, but in the world of coworking I wanted you all to know that NextSpace is excited to partner with the GCUC team to bring the most awesome conference on the planet to Berkeley, California. We have been big fans and regular attendees of GCUC since its inception and we’re excited to have you all in one of our backyards in May.

The City of Berkeley has been extremely helpful supporting NextSpace and the coworking movement. We can’t wait to show you how our community there has driven endless successful collaborations for the businesses and entrepreneurs in the East Bay. Berkeley is a town with a character that it can definitely call all its own, so we are hoping that the unique venues and the new conference program will really evolve this GCUC USA into something extra special and super valuable for all attendees.

Thanks to the GCUC team for encouraging us to be coworking rock stars and for joining forces with us. GCUC USA is the place to be!

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