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A Love Letter from GCUC to YOU!

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I absolutely love this quote and was reminded of it’s importance as of late. Recently, I had to ban myself from my own Facebook newsfeed because I realized that I was comparing myself and my business to all the status updates, articles and even memes my friends were posting.  How does that make any sense? We all have our own unique path. I’m not everyone else – and neither are you! So, why are we as coworking owners and operators dead set on comparing our unique spaces and communities to others that may seem to be in an entirely different league, if not universe?

It’s incredibly important to take a look at what others in your industry are doing, especially when some may achieve “overnight success” but you’ve got to admire their advances and successes and use that to motivate you, rather than comparing yourself and pointing out your perceived shortcomings. You wouldn’t compare apples to oranges, would you? It’s so tempting to think you’re not growing at the same rate as ‘X” or your space isn’t as innovative as “O” but that’s nothing but noise – distracting you from keeping your eye on the prize.

Your city has a different vibe than other cities and your space will speak to one group and not another – and that’s okay – no, it’s GREAT! The important thing is to be yourself and work on your business because no one knows it better than you do. If you’ve ventured into coworking you are a ground breaking badass and we want to get to know you better. I’ve never seen an industry that universally attracts such amazing people that genuinely care about the members that choose to work in their spaces, their surrounding community and the coworking community at large.

So, this is my Valentine to you coworking world. I love you, but most importantly, GCUC loves you. Y’all are Amazing! Special! Unique! We want you to know that we here at GCUC are your cheering squad! We believe in you and we believe that we can make bold changes. We’re serious when we say that GCUC attendees are awesome, and we’re honored to be able to support and inspire you through more than just events and emails, but through this great community we’ve grown into.

Take a moment, sit back, look around you and see that you’re surrounded by awesomeness you created. You should be so proud of yourself! Now reach back and give yourself a little pat on the back. This world need more people like you. Happy Valentines Day!

Liz & the GCUC Crew


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