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Getting Un-Ready for the Global Coworking Unconference (guest blogger, Gretchen)

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Gretchen of NextSpace and she is headed to Austin, TX for GCUC. But is she ready?

NextSpace is headed out en masse to GCUC this week – the Global Coworking Unconference.  (Oh you want a link?

My husband is getting the carry-on out of the basement for me tomorrow, and the kids have been prepped on when mama’s getting back.   And so has my community, my other family that I mother in bits and pieces as appropriate.  I’ve got an orange shirt ready to be packed, and I’ve checked out the agenda and made some mental notes about where I want to eat.  (Austin has my heart  – and my stomach….)

But:  I still need to get un-ready.

I co-sleep, and I send my kids to a co-op preschool, and dammit, I get the whole ‘in community’ aspect of things.  I’m an Aquarius and we’re kind of militant about that sort of thing.  But I feel ready for this, and frankly – I need to get un-ready.

So – I’m dropping expectations.  And goals for the unconference, well – they’re still there, although I’ve filed them under ‘abstract notions’ so that I can be exhilarated and liberated by whatever happens and whatever interactions that I have.   They’ll still get met, but not in a linear, check this off the list way.   And contacts – I’ve deconstructed my imaginary guest list so that I am ready to meet whoever walks in the door.  If you catch me chatting up the janitor, don’t stop me – maybe I’m getting some facilities tips.

Okay Austin.  I’ve got some more clearing out to do, but I think I’m un-ready enough for GCUC.  My one expectation – and I’m holding onto it – is that it’ll be a great time.  If you see me there, say hello.

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