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GCUC 2016 up for grabs!

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The Global Coworking Unconference Conference (GCUC) is a three-day conference dedicated to providing support, education and inspiration to the coworking industry. GCUC (pronounced “juicy”) attracts existing and prospective coworking owners and operators, executive suites industry, corporations interested in promoting collaboration, commercial real estate professionals, investors, scholars, those interested in the future of work, and a wide variety of vendors from around the world.

Evolving from a pre-SXSW happy hour in 2007 to the three-day conference and unconference it is today. GCUC’s growth reflects the tremendous growth of the coworking movement as a whole. GCUC is the premier US coworking conference and a global leader in the coworking movement. We are looking for a new east coast host city for this exciting event!

We are projecting that in 2016 GCUC will attract over 400 attendees from around the globe and inject over $700,000 into the city’s economy. The conference will also allow the host city to showcase local attractions and unique points of interest that will encourage repeat visits to the city by conference attendees. The GCUC leadership team will review all proposals. Proposals will be evaluated based on the following criteria: engagement with local coworking partners, international accessibility, and commitment to providing support for GCUC. The deadline is fast approaching… don’t delay!

If you think you’re juicy enough we would love to hear from you!!! You can Download the RFP here!!

Cheers! Liz

*Liz Elam is the Executive Producer of GCUC Worldwide

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