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GCUC Kansas City: Big Ideas We Brought Home

It’s no secret we had a blast at GCUC in Kansas City. We wanted to share some of the exciting things we packed into our carry ons to bring home. As always, our number one takeaway was: We’re all in this together. The coworking community is still so young and everyone is very eager to office advice, share successes and failures, and help each other continue to get the word out about what we’re all working to build. None of these spaces are competing directly with each other, they are all competing together for awareness. Classic rising tides, all boats kinda thing. we’re all in this together While it’s still young, coworking… Read More

GCUC 2014: The Potential of Coworking

For 3 days, coworking geeks from around the globe gathered in Kansas City for this year’s Global Coworking Unconference Conference. During our time together we shared, listened, learned, argued and laughed. As always when coworking friends convene, it felt wonderful to reconnect with the global movement. Coworking is not just this thing that we do in Seattle – it’s a movement of independent workers from around the world all looking to do better together. Now back home in Seattle, I am eagerly diving through a long list of great ideas to implement here in our coworking community. Beyond what we’re getting up to here, I think it is important to share some… Read More

Partnerships of all kinds formed at GCUC

David Singer tells me a GCUC connection story I just love. Chin resting on folded hands like a little kid, I ask him to tell it again and again, and he always obliges. In a nutshell, David was researching Coworking and came across GCUC. He was checking out the speakers and recognized a long lost friend from high school: Benjamin Dyett of GRIND. Thanks to reconnecting through GCUC, David is now an investor and key part of GRIND’s growing business. Not much makes me happier than to know that GCUC has brought together two such fantastic people to advance a successful Coworking business venture. Another great GCUC connection story comes from Jamie… Read More

Diving Headfirst – Architecture for Coworking Spaces

Partitions, square footage costs, accessibility, fixtures, path of egress…Welcome to the morass that is architecture and construction. If you don’t have a serious understanding or experience with being in the trenches of building out a space, be prepared to be in a world of hurt. “Isn’t coworking all about community?” you ask. You got it, but…that physical space you want to call an office will need to be built, renovated, and/or occupied. Let no one fool you into thinking that their renovation and move-in process was a walk in the park. I would bet that every single coworking space owner fell flat on their face during this necessary evil of a stage… Read More

3rd Time’s a Charm.

I never imagined when I started my journey into the Coworking world that three short years after opening my own space in Austin, TX, I would also put on the largest Coworking conference in the world for the 3rd year.  It’s called the Global Coworking Unconference Conference in an ode to Stephen Colbert that at this point can’t be un-done.  We call it ‘juicy’ for short because if you pronounce GCUC it sorta sounds like ‘juicy.’ You can find a little bit about the history of GCUC and our focus area for 2012 and 2013  here on our blog: GCUC History GCUC 2014 is about the continued momentum of the Coworking movement…. Read More

History of GCUC

It all started as a meet-up of people coming to SXSW with an interest in Coworking. The meet-ups were held in Austin in 2008 and 2009 and organized by a local Coworking enthusiast. In 2010 Loosecubes decided to turn it into an actual event—the first ever Coworking Unconference. Liz Elam of Link Coworking helped the Loosecubes team with logistics and finding sponsors. The half-day Unconference was a huge success and drew about 120 Coworking enthusiasts from around the world. In the summer of 2010 Loosecubes approached Liz Elam about taking over the conference. Liz gladly accepted and took to planning the Global Coworking Unconference Conference (GCUC). The name was a tip of… Read More