Author: Lydia Snider

The Other Law of the Jungle

I grew up in Western civilization, raised on Darwin’s, survival of the fittest worldview. No matter where you are on the evolution/creation theories, his competition, bloody tooth and claw perspective has become a pillar of our cultural heritage. It has been the prevailing influence in how we’ve run our businesses. “Eat or be eaten” and “It’s a jungle out there.” Yes, it is a jungle out there. And until very recently we’ve been making the nearly fatal mistake of following only one of the laws of he jungle – competition. But nature requires balance. For every force there is an equal and opposite force. Yes, competition is a law of the jungle…. Read More

Keep it Clean, People.

The minute a group of people share a space there is going to be the challenge of getting every one to follow the community norms that are necessary to keep that space clean and make sharing it pleasant.  That’s just a politically correct way of saying, “There’s always going to be some jerk who leaves dirty dishes in the community kitchen.”  It is an ongoing theme on’s Monday Thru Friday Fails. It has been an issue ever since our ancestors first shifted from hunting and gathering to permanent settlements and it will be an issue on the first space station on Mars. Ya can’t leave the dishes there, nothing draws a… Read More