Author: Liz Elam

Wayfarer’s KC Airbnb Giveaway

Wayfarer:  Roamer, Wanderer, Nomad, Vagabond. These words might very well define how you feel when faced with all aspects of business, be it marketing, sales, or any number of the countless other responsibilities you’re charged with on a daily basis. Whether you are a small business owner, a manager of an international corporation or an executive director of a non-profit, each and every project you have to complete is a journey; from start to finish, we’re ready to help you by leading the way. Every day we work with a wide variety of clients from industries as different and diverse as healthcare, technology, hospitality, publishing, entertainment, real estate and coworking.  While every… Read More

Good Things Come To Those Who Work Together

Ladies and Gentleman, We Have A Winner! Congratulations to James Tootle, our crafty designer and sneaky t-shirt contest entrant. “Good Things Come to Those Who Work Together,” really speaks to this awesome community and all the wonderful people who pitch in every year to make GCUC amazing. A big thanks to everyone who participated in the GCUC T-shirt Contest. We can’t wait to see you in KC!

Good Coffee is Good, Good Technology is Better: A GCUC ‘14 Workshop

Coffee and Wifi. When people talk about what they need/want/expect from coworking the two things that come up first are coffee and Wifi. While both are awesome, one is more critical to the success of a space (no, we don’t mean coffee). And we’re not just talking good internet. Coworking spaces need to offer seamless, easy, consistent technology for their members and managers. It’s about a technology infrastructure that is flexible, smart and sustainable. Easy, right? “Technology makes it possible for people to gain control over everything, except over technology” – John Tudor Maximizing the positive impacts, and addressing potential hiccups, of technology are at the core of good business for coworking… Read More

The Community Made This Shirt…

Get your creative juices flowing! GCUC invites you to design the 2014 Global Coworking Unconference Conference t-shirt.  Come up with a design on your own, or better yet, collaborate with a friend. The Details… The 2014 GCUC t-shirt will be a soft, white tee with the contest winning design on the front, printed in 3 colors, and sponsors, printed in 1 color, on the back. Your design may feature up to 3 three of the GCUC 2014 colors and should promote Coworking, GCUC and Kansas City. Humor is greatly appreciated. Design should not exceed 11 x 15 inches. Winner will get their name, company name or team name on the front of… Read More

The Juiciest coworking event of 2013- Why we’ll be there

Many people in the coworking community are already familiar with The Global Coworking Unconference Conference kicking off its second year in Austin, Texas March 5th-6th.  Rayann and I have been gearing up for this event for a few months now. We teamed up with Liz Elm, the Executive Producer of GCUC, and owner of Link Coworking to help spread the word via the web of this awesome event. We are proud to be a part of the GCUC social media team and we are looking forward to bringing you live action once the conference is underway! Here are the reasons we are going: We believe in the coworking movement. We are collaborators; therefore, why not collaborate with… Read More

Coworking and Education – A Wise Partnership

Coworking is about the community we create.  Members from all walks of life – who share openness, curiosity, creative drive, entrepreneurship and perhaps even an elevated level of social consciousness – come together to spend their days (and nights) working and enjoying each others’ company.  It seems only natural that we cross-polliate with students and educators in our communities.  Our coworking communities can benefit from their fresh ideas, youthful exuberance and desire to learn, while they are introduced to a healthy dose of real life entrepreneurial spirit and possibly some business mentors. At Mojo Coworking we’ve been working with education partners since our first month in business 2 years ago, but now… Read More

Working Together…On Everything!

I hope that you had a chance to read the recent article on coworking in IEDC’s EDnow newsletter (It’s only available to members, so if you are an IEDC member, you can grab it here). It goes into some depth on the phenomenon of coworking and what it means to economic development. If you don’t already understand the concept of coworking, you can learn more by reading the article, checking out Deskmag, attending the Global Coworking Unconference Conference (shameless plug: I’ll be speaking about specialization in collaborative work environments), or better yet: VISIT A COWORKING SPACE AND LEARN WHAT THEY ARE UP TO. I think the author (Michael Stumpf) did a pretty good… Read More

Why Yahoo! is Actually Right – and Why Home Officing Hasn’t Worked

Yes, Marissa hit the panic button, and Yahoo’s new ban on “working from home” has ignited a huge firestorm from a long-smoldering debate over how to manage worklife balance and workplace productivity.  However, pitting working from home against working from a central headquarters office misses the point.  Neither the home office nor the centralized HQ is the complete answer anymore.  Worklife, has become infinitely more interesting and requires a more thoughtful approach, since knowledge workers now choose how, when and where they work based on what they need to accomplish.  Here’s why: Remember when Telecommuting and Home Officing were supposed to be the “future of work”? These revolutionary ideas were going to… Read More

Bringing Staff Back to the Break Room

Once upon a time break rooms were the place to go and eat lunch but in our ever changing digital age they lack appeal for employees in many fields who’d rather take a walk with one of their digital devices grabbing a snack from a local coffee shop. As a result there’s a lack of camaraderie in a lot of companies, especially the mid size to larger ones. People are still team players but there’s less intermingling, which can really prevent a group from coming together. To bring back some of the old spirit companies should reinvest in break room culture giving reasons for employees to once again use them as a… Read More

The Hub, Where Physical Spaces are Key to Impact

ONE of the most crucial elements of a successful co-working space is the design. Like the people who use the environment, it needs to be flexible, fluid and creative. Still, it is a constant work in progress as the community moulds the physical surroundings from the inside out and it can be rearranged as needs change. Seven years’ experience has proven there are some key ideas that enhance the collaborative environment. This video, created by head architects of The Hub Andrea Paoletti and Cristina Rebolo, is a guide to building the optimal collaborative and co-working space. Understanding the users and having them engaged in the design process is elementary in making the… Read More