Author: Jamie Russo

Day by Day Tips for Squeezing the most out of GCUC

GCUC 2015 is only a few weeks away. If it’s still snowing where you live (Chicago), it’s time to poke around your closet and find some short sleeves because it’s sun’s out, guns out in Berkeley! So pat yourself on the back for getting a tax-write off on a trip to nice weather and then put your sunscreen down and get serious about what you’re going to get out of this Unconference. Day 1: If you’ve been to GCUC before and you think you know the drill…then you don’t know Liz. She is mixing it up like Beyonce on the dance floor. Check the agenda and you’ll see that Day 1 is totally… Read More

How to Make the Most out of Attending GCUC

    GCUC 2014 is only a few short weeks away. It’s not time to pack your bag yet, but it is time to start strategizing about how to get the most out of your GCUC networking.   Pre-Conference Prep: Define your conference objectives by answering three questions in writing: 1. What are my top three objectives for the conference? 2. What do I want to learn from the conference? 3. What relationships do I want to build at the conference? Sample objectives: 1. I want to go home with the tools I need to create a business plan for opening a coworking space. 2. I want to learn everything I can about coworking… Read More