Copass Camp San Francisco: A Californian Adventure + GCUC

May 4-9. We’re headed to California. We’re doing GCUC USA. We’re playing a trampoline dodgeball tournament. We’re going whitewater rafting. Are you with us? After years of making friends and connecting to communities in France, Spain, Germany, Portugal, Italy, and further afield – we’re finally making it out there (and we mean far out, man): the Wild, Wild West. Well, maybe not the Wild West of those old western movies (in fact, for the landscape we’d bet that our Fuerteventura Adventure is much closer!) but instead, the dramatic cliffs, beautiful beaches and scenic mountains of beautiful California. Got that picture in your head yet? Here’s some music to put things in perspective. GCUC… Read More

What The Corporate World Can Learn From Coworking

Today on Liz Elam discuses coworking’s secret sauce. Highlights are below, you can read the whole article here. Here are four ways coworking can help, whether a corporation is looking to make coworking an option to their employees, or to integrate some of coworking’s secret sauce into their own workplace: Proximity – When you work in isolation at home or in a coffee shop, you don’t interact with others around you. In coworking spaces you work around other people who can inspire you, challenge you, and sometimes even teach you something. Not ready to let employees off the leash just yet? Then try creating an open work area in your existing space… Read More

GCUC in the New Worker Magazine!

Over on the New Worker Magazine, Melissa Mesku has a great profile on history and culture of GCUC.  The entirety of it is reproduced below. If you haven’t seen the New Worker, ch-ch-check it out! In most industries, the annual conference might warrant a raised eyebrow at best. But in the case of GCUC, the industry is coworking, and that makes all the difference. The quirky name, Global Coworking Unconference Conference, is in homage to a Stephen Colbert skit, and its acronym, GCUC, is pronounced “juicy.” Why not? To extend the joke, there’s a juice bar; last year, the logo had a juice droplet on it, and the event’s décor was of oranges, lemons and limes. The fun overtone is… Read More

Mayor of Toronto proclaims February 24th ‘Coworking Toronto Day’

Headlines about the Mayor of Toronto tend to receive a lot of attention. For the last few years Toronto city politics have been focused on an endless stream of incriminating videos and incredible antics at Toronto City Hall. Luckily for us Torontonians, that changed with the municipal election last fall. This headline is exciting for another reason entirely – there is a new Mayor in town, and the focus seems to be back on our incredible community. Small Businesses are such an important part of our local economy, and as Mayor of the largest Canadian city, John Tory seems to think that Coworking is a important part of what makes Toronto such… Read More

Co-working Spaces: An Expensive Cure for Loneliness or an Inexpensive Solution for a Cool Office

Yesterday, ran a sensational, clickbait-y article entitled “Co-working Spaces; An Expensive Cure For Loneliness” in which author Patrick Clark argues that coworking spaces (no hyphen necessary, y’all!) are expensive overpriced workspaces for chumps. As you can imagine, that didn’t sit well with us. The math was wrong! He missed the point! We understand that haters are going to hate and coworking has really come along way if anyone feels the need to write articles exposing the “dirty truth behind coworking.” We were when Nick Clark from the Common Desk in Dallas responded with a blog post of his own. We’ll let Nick take it from here… Yesterday afternoon, Bloomberg published an… Read More

See you in Berkeley!

Diana Rothschild here, the new CEO of NextSpace! I look forward to sharing more about myself separately, but in the world of coworking I wanted you all to know that NextSpace is excited to partner with the GCUC team to bring the most awesome conference on the planet to Berkeley, California. We have been big fans and regular attendees of GCUC since its inception and we’re excited to have you all in one of our backyards in May. The City of Berkeley has been extremely helpful supporting NextSpace and the coworking movement. We can’t wait to show you how our community there has driven endless successful collaborations for the businesses and entrepreneurs in… Read More

It’s called the GLOBAL Coworking Unconference Conference after all….

I’ve operated a successful and profitable Coworking space for almost (gasp) four years! Like most operators, I often field calls and requests for meeting from others thinking about opening a Coworking space. I’m happy to talk and encourage but I get enough requests that I have to limit my engagement. I have now run a successful and a little profitable Coworking conference for over (gasp) three years. I started to get calls for other regions of the world asking for advice. I began to work with a few people in Asia and talked to them about doing GCUC Asia. I thought we could share ideas, they could us the same website (helping… Read More

New Models for Coworking – The Blurring of Lines

Coworking is a growing trend but growing in very different ways — today’s panel included people running spaces that are independent, corporate funded, university funded and one with a climbing wall. When asked “what has worked and what are the challenges?” There were a range of answers. Generally speaking, growth was the top issue while the network strength was a close second. Small, focused teams manages the space while using the right tools have helped grow these communities. The second half of the panel looked towards coworking business models. The spilt came between loss leaders for Sprint and Mind Market to revenue models fromBrooklyn Boulders and Workbar. Loss leaders (to start) focused on keeping… Read More