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Tiamo Wright

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  • CoCo is a “coworking” space, yes, but it goes so much deeper than that. At CoCo we truly believe that we are working with our members to inspire and enable them to live out their dreams, whatever those may be. We do this through creating remarkable spaces to work, providing enriched learning and social opportunities and just making sure we are having a great time doing what we all love.

    My passion is organization, crazy dedication towards driving myself and others to be the best and having the ability to work jointly on an activity, especially to produce or create something amazing. My role at CoCo as Director of Operations is amazing and each day is a chance to learn something new, mix of human touch points, opening new locations, member growth, directing a fantastic team, managing day-to-day needs across locations and ensuring that things just get done. In a company like ours we are fast moving and agility and speed is important, so is attention to detail. I develop strategic and operational plans and processes for all locations. I work with the leadership team to ideate, plan and provide coordination to keep everyone abreast of programmatic strategies, challenges and growth opportunities. A talent of mine is in managing competing priorities and keeping it exciting and upbeat with our high volume of work.

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    Operations, community engagement and leadership by example.
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