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Thomas Bevan

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  • I am an aspiring socially driven real estate developer, inspired by Jonathan Rose in New York City, with the mission of repairing the urban fabric of our communities. Cities have the potential to leave future generations with significant assets that are profitability connected to social, cultural, physical, and emotional requirements for human health and wellbeing. My ambition is to develop real estate using an inheritance framework, by which longterm costs and benefits are evaluated to maximize the assets available for the health and prosperity of future generations.

    Currently, I am involved with the Vancity Community Foundation in the planned Innovation Centre @ 312 Main Street in the inner city of Vancouver, British Columbia. This 100,000 sqft commercial redevelopment is transforming a former police headquarters, with a charged past, into a collective office environment. This building will provide an inclusive, economic, networked and inspirational space that serves members and their work in the interconnected worlds of social impact, technology, entrepreneurship and the arts.

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