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Sajid Islam

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  • Currently Organizer @ Startup Weekend Dhaka and Founder @ Hubdhaka is a meeting, events and a co-working space in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

    In corporate life I have been known as a dynamic, results-driven software engineering individual with a MS in Computer Science. Spent the last 18 years in designing, implementing and maintaining robust systems and tools supporting business growth, security, stability and profitability for government agencies and industry leaders. Am considered to be an astute analyst, strategic thinker and creative problem solver by my peers. To my colleagues & partners I was perceived as personable, articulate and persuasive presenter; someone who could clearly communicate technical matters to business leaders. New as well as existing employees thought of me as an effective leader, trainer and inspiring. To them I still remain a superb manager. Never shied away from a challenge and have orchestrated multiple and complex demands that unfailingly met client expectations, project budgets and sensitive business timelines.

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    Dhaka, , Bangladesh


    growth hacking, introducing coworking concept, building a community
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