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  • We’re community organizers, building on our experience living in and co-creating #cohousing neighborhoods and #cohouseholding/#coliving shared living to help people make sure their coworking ventures work well as communities, not just spaces. Betsy’s a City & Regional Planning PhD with deep background in Community & Economic Development and group process. Raines helped some of the early San Francisco coworking spaces get off the ground, back in the early days of the movement; he’s a Founding Member of Impact Hubs in Oakland, Berkeley and San Francisco, and a Certified Senior Advisor and Certified Green Building Professional/LEED Green Associate, as well as the author of the “Aging in Community” chapter in the book “Audacious Aging.” Together they do Cohousing Coaching and co-run East Bay Cohousing / Cohousing California and the Communify unconferences, as Planning for Sustainable Communities.

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    Berkeley, CA, US


    community,economic development,housing
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