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Nicole Tindall

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  • Prior to joining NextSpace, Nicole worked with the Institute for the Future (yes! the future!) where she was the research and program management for the technology team. Working to provide insights and strategic tools for people to better navigate the future, Nicole worked to increase understanding of societal and technological impacts in the next 10 years. Nicole has always been interested in saving the planet, one building at a time, and started her career working with a cutting edge ‘deep green’ architectural engineering firm where she was a Marketing professional and Sustainability guru.

    As an easily distracted generalist. Nicole holds degrees in: International Business, Studio Art, and Energy Management and Climate Policy. Her general interests include: social innovation, human-technology interaction, the maker movement and sharing economy, art + design, community and systems ecologies, and human happiness.

    Nicole enjoys spending time on DIY and creative projects, reading non-fiction books, and experimenting with new foods in the kitchen. When not curating at NextSpace you can find her lindy hopping the night away, participating in the local art and music, or growing veggies in the garden.

    Follow Nicole on Twitter @wonderosity.

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    foresight, strategy, community, diy
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