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Melissa Mesku

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  • I’m the founding editor of New Worker Magazine, the publication for and by people who cowork. We’re the only publication dedicated to featuring the people, projects, companies, and ideas coming out of coworking spaces around the world. Check us out: +

    I’m a member of a number of coworking communities in NYC. For work, aside from the magazine, I run a family business that detoxifies dentures (!) and also do web design, development and content strategy.

    I have an eclectic background including high school teaching, cooperative housing, nonprofits, activism, world travel… chat me up! I’m a friendly soul who’s just here to help out and meet great people.

    I’m excited to come back to the Bay Area. I’m from California and went to college at UC Berkeley. Long ago I was part of a group that started a big co-op house and a cooperative housing nonprofit in Berkeley that’s still going strong. Co-housing and intentional communities, found in the Bay Area more often than anywhere else in the U.S., share a similar ethos with the coworking movement. I’m looking forward to seeing how those connections are being fostered locally.

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