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Lisa Anne Logan

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  • After grad school in industrial design and ten years managing marketing programs and partnerships at companies like Apple, Chronicle Books, and Craftsy, I accepted my first truly ops-driven role last year at Hattery. I believe ops and customer service are often physical extensions of the brand, so all that marketing work still goes to good daily use. I’ve also been through a startup accelerator myself, so am keenly empathetic to the challenges our 140+ entrepreneurs face each day. As I think back, I’ve always been that person who volunteers for every committee, enjoys helping people feel at home and creating awesome physical spaces, handily anticipates needs, and is fulfilled by helping others be their best selves. So, to my happy surprise, being General Manager of a shared work studio combines a great personal alignment with new professional challenges in way that’s super satisfying.

    Hattery is a vibrant community of thinkers, makers, doers, idealists, and realists who want to make the world better. We are now nearly four years old, and have doubled membership since opening a new coworking floor in September. Our small but mighty team runs our sole location in SoMa, supporting creative and technical industries with handmade desks, unlimited meeting space, hardware labs, and community activities like run club, yoga, book club, and a weekly farm produce box. One of the most special things about what we’ve built at Hattery is our unique “home-cooked, human-centered” culinary program, with two chefs dedicated to nourishing creative minds with healthy snacks and lunches made with seasonal and organic ingredients. The kitchen is the heart of the Hattery experience (see more at and I’m happy to share more with anyone interested.

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