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Leslie Reitzes

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Leslie Reitzes

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  • With a reputation as a “business matchmaker,” Leslie Reitzes is someone every entrepreneur needs in their corner. She loves to connect members of Laptop Lounge to potential business partners and clients, and thrives on promoting their businesses by co-marketing workshops and seminars.

    In her role as Community Manager of the Laptop Lounge, Leslie is generous with her time and always helps members with any business need. Leslie’s energy and drive has created a thriving business community and a great place to work.

    She says her key to success is focusing on character, integrity, and customer service, with an emphasis on work-life balance. It’s obvious to anyone who walks into the Laptop Lounge that Leslie takes great joy in bringing people with shared values together by creating a culture of inclusion, collaboration and playfulness in our community.

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    Walnut Creek, CA, USA


    networking, events
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