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Kako Vera

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  • +15 years Interactive Designer, actually oriented to User Experience Design, Mobile Apps/Games and Projects Entrepreneurship.
    Kako Vera develops and manages interactive and media projects since 1997, he led the multimedia area at Yagé until 2001, when he founded Kmikaze Media, an outstanding multimedia, web and audiovisual company.
    In 2008 becomes the Production Manager in Nukanal LLC, a US-based company that develops online applications and mobile project with operations in Ecuador. Later he took a successful step at BlueLizard Games as Producer for Dreamworks and Prisa games. Afterwards he joined Karibu Games as Executive Producer.
    He’s also been content advisor and Digital Arts Zone in Campus Party Quito 4, and co-organizer on TEDx Cuenca as extra-curricular activities.
    After studying HCI is an UX Design pioneer in Ecuador, leading award winning projects as Qway and ECStartups, actually is UX Director at LynxTrade, a trading software company with base on Cuenca and Miami.

  • Located In

    Quito, Pichincha, Ecuador


    UX, Creative Spaces, Entrepreneurship
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