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Josh Rencher

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  • Josh Rencher is the founder and CEO of Globalcentric LLC, whose core objective is to enhance the value of the global communication space through innovations in new media and emerging information technologies. Armed with years of hands-on leadership experience in corporate web development and marketing technologies, Josh has overseen the successful development and management of several online brands – most notably FolioSnap, which pioneered the portfolio website industry more than a decade ago.

    Fatigued by the facelessness of the global marketplace and driven by a growing desire to connect with like-minded people closer to home, Josh stumbled serendipitously into the coworking movement in 2014. In 2015, he will open his first coworking space, newHQ, in Long Beach, California.

    Josh has held leadership roles with and Playboy Entertainment and holds a degree in film production from UCLA. He is the co-founder of an independent theater company, has co-managed an independent record label, and performs standup comedy throughout the Greater Los Angeles area.

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    Web Development, Branding, SaaS, Standup Comedy
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