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  • Since my childhood, I always wanted to have a positive influence on the world. At a very young age I understood environmental and natural resources issues would become major during my life span.

    Looking to have an impact on my own, I tried politics and Non-Governmental Organizations. But politicians are entangled within their internal and ego fights. Meanwhile, non-profit organizations are often hindered by their members’ illusions; I realized entrepreneurs and investors were the key to a brighter future. The first were building it while the seconds provides the necessary backups.

    I therefore became both. Notably, I was among the first investors to believe in DojoCrea’s coworking spaces, a concept that was at the time unheard of. Then Frederic Dembak asked me to drive the growth of DojoGroup worldwide and to re-launch DojoBoost, DojoGroup startup accelerator. What a chance! Not only will I be given the opportunity to personally coach hundreds of startupers, but also to provide entrepreneur shelters all around the world.

    First came the geographic expansion, with the addition of 5 majors cities in France, and 3 abroad, the most impressive being Dojo’s incubator in Nanging, China. DojoGroup now spreads on 3 continents with discussions engaged for 2 more (I’m still missing Australia, but I’m working on it).

    Then we revolutionized the startup’s accelerator world. We launched ClubStartups and provided more than 800 startupers with free coaching within the first 6 month. We designed the DojoCanvas, a wonderful tool that allows us to bring the acceleration promises out of fuzziness. And it’s just a start…

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