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Jerome Chang

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  • I founded and designed BLANKSPACES…in 2008. As the first coworking space in SoCal, and one of the first in the U.S., I was very lonely. Then others in LA joined 2 years later.. And then more others regionally and nationally. GCUC got better and better!
    I hosted the first national gathering of coworking space owners and operators in Oct 2011. We commiserated, and we partied. From there, a few of us founded (League of Extraordinary Coworking), and now we share best practices. Then a few more of us founded, a national association for shared spaces, including coworking, incubators, executive suites, and any 2 peas in a pod who want to join. We want to tackle big national initiatives, from cleaning up the coworking wiki, to providing a strong voice for national issues. Join us – we don’t bite. We do have to be united to tackle big projects. Let’s do it!

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    architecture, coworking business operations, technology tools
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