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Jamie Russo

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  • Jamie is passionate about helping people do their best work. She does this by designing and operating workspaces that invite collaboration, facilitate serendipity, drive innovation, inspire creativity, empower great thinking and optimize wellbeing. Since 2011, she has opened Enerspace Coworking locations in Chicago and Palo Alto and launched to support this goal. Jamie is the current president of the League of Extraordinary Coworking spaces ( and is looking for guests for her Podcast show on coworking trends.

    Enerspace Coworking launched in 2012 to provide workspaces designed to create a culture of wellbeing at work. This is achieved through amenities, wellness events, meditation classes, space design and community norms.

    Through Everything Coworking, Jamie has helped clients including Fortune 100 Panasonic, tech start-up Nyansa and a real estate investor group achieve their goals related to collaborative workspace models.

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    Chicago & Palo Alto, ILLINOIS & California, USA


    LEXC, Wellbeing design, Collaborative spaces
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