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Jacqueline Albright

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  • Jacqueline Albright, a native of Long Island, fell in love with Baltimore when she decided to attend Loyola University Maryland (LUM). In 2012, she graduated from LUM with a degree in business & management and moved to Fed Hill. She is the community and program manager for the ETC (Emerging Technology Centers) a technology innovation center with two awesome locations in the city of Baltimore. She loves the Baltimore Tech scene and you can usually find at a Happy Hour or tweeting about recent #bmoretech news. She currently sits on the Board of Directors for the LUM Alumni Baltimore Chapter, forever a greyhound. When she’s not binge watching everything on Netflix, she is looking for cool, new things to explore in Baltimore. Her interests include keeping up to date on celeb gossip, travel, craft beer, fashion, and kayaking.

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    Baltimore, Maryland (MD), United States


    events, creative marketing, Baltimore
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