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Iris Kavanagh

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  • Iris works with people and organizations to grow communities that drive strategic business and personal goals. As the first employee of coworking pioneer NextSpace, she was tasked with bringing the founder’s vision of a profit-based coworking company to life. Among the members, Iris championed community and collaboration as both an agent of social change and a driver of business strategy. As the Chief Community Officer of NextSpace, Iris helped grow the company from an idea to nine locations – and counting. Her primary role was to communicate and instill the organization’s culture in each new location. Her guidance helped the staff develop vibrant communities, push the definition of collaboration, and convey the culture to visitors and prospective new employees. As part of an amazing team, Iris helped build NextSpace Coworking into one of the most successful coworking companies in the world. Along the way, she co-founded the two coworking industry associations, LExC and COSHARE, and co-developed industry specific events including leading the unconference at GCUC for two years. Iris learned a lot from those experiences, and is stoked to share her experience and knowledge.

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    Coworking! Community, operations, staffing, team building.
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