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  • Guillermo Flórez has built his companies on the premise that innovation generates value; back in the 90´s he had the chance to experience firsthand how design affects people and their well being, and behind years of experience in the industry and manufacturing office furniture and with the same energy “sensible designs, intelligent spaces” became the groups motto and the driving force behind every project ever since.
    With his first venture in coworking WORK AND GO comes to life; always with the “nomad executive” in mind, WORK AND GO has strived to become the place in which entrepreneurs and start ups find growth through networking, work-spaces that improve creativity, and a community that will help everyone achieve their goals; currently with 2 locations, and a 3rd one coming WORK AND GO is on the way to become the preferred coworking space in Colombia.

  • Located In

    Bogotá D.C., Cundinamarca, Colombia


    Design, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Industry, Manufacturing, Interior Architecture, Office Furniture, Commercial Furniture.
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