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Frédéric DEMBAK

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  • I began my journey as an entrepreneur in 1995, while finishing my studies. At this time, there was not such a huge amount of resources and networks to help new entrepreneurs. I had to reinvent the wheel on each and every issue, like the vast majority of young entrepreneurs. I made my part of mistakes. I learnt. I built several companies, invested in more, and advised a lot more. And the main thing I learnt is that there is no wealth but men.

    So ten years ago, I created DojoGroup, with a mission: to support entrepreneurs, and to provide them the ecosystem I would have dreamt of, when I began my own journey. And my hope was to progressively see a collective of entrepreneurs emerge in this ecosystem, and work together to develop it.

    The first step was consultancy. Then came DojoCrea, a network of coworking spaces, at first in France (2007) and now in Europe, Canada and China.

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    Ecosystem building, finance engineering
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