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Erin Griffin

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  • Hey there coworkers! I am very excited to see you all so let me fill you in about how it came to be that I am now a NextSpacer. Two years ago I used to attend weekly networking meetings at Ns in San Francisco, and through that attendance I met many people who were Ns members. When Ns decided to open their 7th location in Berkeley, one of their members came knocking on my door and said, “This job was meant for you.” And well, without going into all the reasons why Ns rocks and why I was immediately attracted to its culture and mission, both Ns and I agreed that together we would make an awesome team. Fifteen months later as the Community Curator of Ns Berkeley, I have spent my time managing the buildout of the space, growing our member base, establishing business partnerships, and providing Ns as a resource for our local community. It has been an amazing and inspiring time for me, and I have learned so much about myself and the awesome members I get to cowork with everyday. How lucky we are as coworkers to be so powerfully influential over the lives of so many creative leaders. We really have the best jobs in the world. That’s my bio. If you would like to know more, come find me at the GCUC.

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