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Chris Estrada

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  • A serial entrepreneur and marketer, Chris Estrada started and founded the Operation Spot in 2013 because he wanted to inspire more people to kick off their own businesses and increase their chances of success by joining a coworking community. If you need a place to cowork for an hour, day, month, or year, his directory of coworking spaces has you covered. Upgrade to a premium listing and have the ability to showcase pictures, videos and have prospects email you directly to visit your space.

    Inspirational Podcaster – Chris’s podcast, ‘Coworking Success’, features amazing entrepreneurs from coworking spaces all across the globe. He shares tips, tools and various strategies that will help you in your business. Search ‘Coworking Success’ in iTunes and Stitcher to check out his latest episode.

    Some of his past guests include:
    • Patrick Whaley of Titin Tech, coworking entrepreneur that landed a $500K deal with Damon John on Shark Tank.
    • Felena Hanson and Julia Westfall – with Hera Hub, the nation’s first spa-inspired coworking space for female entrepreneurs.
    • Gene Hammett – Entrepreneur, business coach, and host of the “Leaders In The Trenches” podcast.

    Chris loves to talk coworking. His main purpose is to inspire more people to kick off their own company and do so from your coworking space. #TalkersGoToCoffeeShops Chris is also an avid cyclist and competes in 6 hour endurance mountain bike races. Chris resides in Atlanta, GA.

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