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Bill Jacobson

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  • I’m the Cofounder/President of Workbar. Back in 2009 Workbar – Boston’s first coworking space – started as an experiment. Will enough like-minded people come together to form a vibrant office community? Years later we’ve expanded, opened multiple locations and weaved our way into the fabric of Boston’s entrepreneurial community.

    I began working as a software engineer at MIT/Lincoln Laboratories after getting an electrical engineering degree from the University of Michigan. Since Lincoln Labs my work life has been a string of Boston based start-ups. For my startup start, in the mid 90’s I cofounded a database marketing company called Interstep. In late 1999 it was acquired by CMGI. Immediately prior to going full-time at Workbar I cofounded PickupZone, a package pickup service, which in 2012 was acquired by ShopRunner.

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    member engagement, technology, urban/suburban growth
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