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Adrian Palacios

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  • Adrian is a software and hardware engineer with passion to do things differently. He is the co-founder and technical lead at Nexudus, an end-to-end platform to manage many of the processes happening in coworking and shared workspaces.

    Adrian and his team are always on the lookout for anything which may make the life of space managers and members easier in their day to day in the space. They form a close relationship with the team behind every space using the platform, understanding their unique way of working and making sure Nexudus delivers the most value for each of them.

    All this has made Nexudus one of the first choices to consider when looking for this type of tools, and, even when it was founded just 3 years ago, hundreds of spaces today trust their day to day operations to it.

    Client or not, Adrian is always willing to offer advice and his views so make sure you take this chance to pick his brain.

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    Coworking management software, payments, operations.
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