Month: July 2014

New Models for Coworking – The Blurring of Lines

Coworking is a growing trend but growing in very different ways — today’s panel included people running spaces that are independent, corporate funded, university funded and one with a climbing wall. When asked “what has worked and what are the challenges?” There were a range of answers. Generally speaking, growth was the top issue while the network strength was a close second. Small, focused teams manages the space while using the right tools have helped grow these communities. The second half of the panel looked towards coworking business models. The spilt came between loss leaders for Sprint and Mind Market to revenue models fromBrooklyn Boulders and Workbar. Loss leaders (to start) focused on keeping… Read More

Rise of the Superconnector

Scott Gerber outlines the role of a superconnector in a big data world. After asking people who have 500+ connections on LinkedIN to recite all the name, we learn that that these connections are meaningless. When you treat your members like numbers you are fundamentally forgetting these people are human. Gerber leaves us with the idea if you can be a meaningful role for someone, you have a fan for life. Read the full article on

The Future of Design and Work – What’s Next?

Trends in the workplace are rapidly changing. Over the course of only a few years the cubical height have shrunk to zero. Layouts in the office have changed from closed and static to open and collaborative. Furniture continue to evolve as well as the technology within them. We are not far away from connected furniture that have APIs people can hack. Read the full article on

Top 8 Moments of the 2014 Global Coworking Unconference Conference in Kansas City

By Sarah Snyder Three weeks after the Global Coworking Unconference Conference (GCUC) has left Kansas City, I am reflecting on the superb experience we had and connections we made. Think Big Coworking and Think Big Partners could not be more excited with the decision GCUC made to come to Kansas City this year and we hope that our beloved city proved to be more than expected (which I think it did.) This being my third year attending, GCUC continues to get better each year. The Day 1 speakers and panels all had words of advice and inspiration that were interesting, valuable and relevant. The Day 2 unconference identified popular industry questions and… Read More

GCUC Kansas City: Big Ideas We Brought Home

It’s no secret we had a blast at GCUC in Kansas City. We wanted to share some of the exciting things we packed into our carry ons to bring home. As always, our number one takeaway was: We’re all in this together. The coworking community is still so young and everyone is very eager to office advice, share successes and failures, and help each other continue to get the word out about what we’re all working to build. None of these spaces are competing directly with each other, they are all competing together for awareness. Classic rising tides, all boats kinda thing. we’re all in this together While it’s still young, coworking… Read More

GCUC 2014: The Potential of Coworking

For 3 days, coworking geeks from around the globe gathered in Kansas City for this year’s Global Coworking Unconference Conference. During our time together we shared, listened, learned, argued and laughed. As always when coworking friends convene, it felt wonderful to reconnect with the global movement. Coworking is not just this thing that we do in Seattle – it’s a movement of independent workers from around the world all looking to do better together. Now back home in Seattle, I am eagerly diving through a long list of great ideas to implement here in our coworking community. Beyond what we’re getting up to here, I think it is important to share some… Read More