Month: March 2014

Money Matters, or Why You Should Attend the GCUC Finance Workshop

Coworking spaces can and should make money. There are many reasons to open a coworking space, but the survival of all of them is subject to one and only thing: profit. If there is no profit you will not have a sustainable coworking space. Without profit there will be a time where you will not be able to pay your expenses and you will have to close, with an unfulfilled dream and without being able to continue providing the service you’ve fought so much for.Profit is not only a question of survival. Having more money that you spend means being able to grow, to hire more people, to give better service, to… Read More

Why KC?

As a GCUC participant for the last few years it seemed strange to have attended SXSW without starting with a coworking hangover! This year GCUC has changed months and moved to Kansas City, leaving some folks wondering, “Why KC?” Being a native midwesterner, and admitted lover of Kansas City, I thought I’d try to answer a few of the questions that have popped up. Is Kansas City in Kansas or Missouri? Actually, its both. GCUC will technically be on the Missouri side, but you’d never notice the difference. “State Line” road runs right thru the city where gas prices can be Lower on one side of the street and you can buy… Read More

Good Coffee is Good, Good Technology is Better: A GCUC ‘14 Workshop

Coffee and Wifi. When people talk about what they need/want/expect from coworking the two things that come up first are coffee and Wifi. While both are awesome, one is more critical to the success of a space (no, we don’t mean coffee). And we’re not just talking good internet. Coworking spaces need to offer seamless, easy, consistent technology for their members and managers. It’s about a technology infrastructure that is flexible, smart and sustainable. Easy, right? “Technology makes it possible for people to gain control over everything, except over technology” – John Tudor Maximizing the positive impacts, and addressing potential hiccups, of technology are at the core of good business for coworking… Read More

It’s All About Community

A couple of years ago Regus began telling the story of how they had actually launched coworking through their worldwide proliferation of executive suite options. The coworking community rose up and loudly rejected this version of history. In the mainstream media this played out like a clash of younger and older generations but it runs deeper than that. Both Regus and coworking spaces rent desks by the day or month. Both can offer the same equipment, facilities, and amenities, but at its heart what great coworking spaces are actually selling is not the desk space, it is community. This might seem obvious to those inside the coworking world but as we see… Read More