Month: February 2013

Why Yahoo! is Actually Right – and Why Home Officing Hasn’t Worked

Yes, Marissa hit the panic button, and Yahoo’s new ban on “working from home” has ignited a huge firestorm from a long-smoldering debate over how to manage worklife balance and workplace productivity.  However, pitting working from home against working from a central headquarters office misses the point.  Neither the home office nor the centralized HQ is the complete answer anymore.  Worklife, has become infinitely more interesting and requires a more thoughtful approach, since knowledge workers now choose how, when and where they work based on what they need to accomplish.  Here’s why: Remember when Telecommuting and Home Officing were supposed to be the “future of work”? These revolutionary ideas were going to… Read More

Coworking Spaces – the Living Future of Work Culture

Corporate leaders have started to pay attention to the buzz and research around culture and employee engagement, as they are seeing that these are critical to attracting and retaining talent, and they have a direct connection to their bottom line. The realization is that the sea of cubicles is not quite conducive to deep employee engagement and it’s time to evolve the open office space concept to fit a more dynamic digital economy. Most research happening around workspace design, collaboration and innovation has focused on a corporate office environment, which are often homogenous, closed environments for single entities. But Steelcase, Zappos and a few other trailblazers have moved to studying the coworking… Read More

Bringing Staff Back to the Break Room

Once upon a time break rooms were the place to go and eat lunch but in our ever changing digital age they lack appeal for employees in many fields who’d rather take a walk with one of their digital devices grabbing a snack from a local coffee shop. As a result there’s a lack of camaraderie in a lot of companies, especially the mid size to larger ones. People are still team players but there’s less intermingling, which can really prevent a group from coming together. To bring back some of the old spirit companies should reinvest in break room culture giving reasons for employees to once again use them as a… Read More

The Hub, Where Physical Spaces are Key to Impact

ONE of the most crucial elements of a successful co-working space is the design. Like the people who use the environment, it needs to be flexible, fluid and creative. Still, it is a constant work in progress as the community moulds the physical surroundings from the inside out and it can be rearranged as needs change. Seven years’ experience has proven there are some key ideas that enhance the collaborative environment. This video, created by head architects of The Hub Andrea Paoletti and Cristina Rebolo, is a guide to building the optimal collaborative and co-working space. Understanding the users and having them engaged in the design process is elementary in making the… Read More

Co-working With a New Mould

WHAT if you could be a co-worker and creative social innovator outside of the usual metropolitan mould? By taking the spirit of collaboration and the principal of co-working to regional communities, opportunities are injected into the equation, not removed. Traditionally the progressive business and entrepreneurial world has considered cities as meccas for the birth and development of new projects. Yet taking these people, ideas, attitudes and concepts to a country environment can be twice as beneficial. First by providing a unique, inspiring and natural environment for the individual to think freely and experiment in. But secondly, and just as importantly, by generating strong links with the local community and more direct prospects… Read More

The Other Law of the Jungle

I grew up in Western civilization, raised on Darwin’s, survival of the fittest worldview. No matter where you are on the evolution/creation theories, his competition, bloody tooth and claw perspective has become a pillar of our cultural heritage. It has been the prevailing influence in how we’ve run our businesses. “Eat or be eaten” and “It’s a jungle out there.” Yes, it is a jungle out there. And until very recently we’ve been making the nearly fatal mistake of following only one of the laws of he jungle – competition. But nature requires balance. For every force there is an equal and opposite force. Yes, competition is a law of the jungle…. Read More

Do You Need Another Coffee Pot?

The coworking movement has survived it’s infancy, learned to walk and talk, enjoyed the freedom of childhood, and now sits somewhere in its young adult phase.  The individualism of childhood fades as teens begin to run in packs, so excited to have found others like themselves. At that stage, you bond by defining what you are not, i.e. “we are not a typical office”, and rebelling against difference in others, I.e. “that place is not a ‘real’ coworking space”. At some point however, it isn’t enough to clarify what you are not, you have to make choices that define what you are.  What are your values? Why do you exist? What role… Read More

Why Profit is Good for Coworking Spaces

There are a lot of different reasons to open a coworking space, some are closer to business considerations while others are more on an idea, on the way you see the world. No matter why you decide to open a coworking space, the key to its survival is profit. We are not only talking about money when we talk about profit. Without building a community, a good product, and using marketing skills to bring clients in you will not be able to thrive, but profit is the one thing that will mark your future. If there’s no profit you will eventually run out of money and will have to shut down. No… Read More

Coworking, Serendipity, And Why Size Doesn’t (Always) Matter

Coworking breaks down the emotional barriers (and sometimes the physical ones too) that the traditional business world put up to keep us each in our place. Isolated. After working in this vacuum for a few years, its no wonder some of the best and brightest are striking out on their own, trading a little financial security for a lot of professional freedom. Coworking provides solopreneurs with exactly what they’re looking for: a place where collaboration and community are highly valued, where social capital is more important than currency, and where titles and profit margins take a back seat to the unique talents that each of us bring to the table. According to… Read More

The Juicy Story

It all started as a meet-up of people coming to SXSW with an interest in Coworking. The meet-ups were held in Austin in 2008 and 2009 and organized by a local Coworking enthusiast. In 2010 Loosecubes decided to turn it into an actual event—the first ever Coworking Unconference. Liz Elam of Link Coworking helped the Loosecubes team with logistics and finding sponsors. The half-day Unconference was a huge success and drew about 120 Coworking enthusiasts from around the world. In the summer of 2010 Loosecubes approached Liz Elam about taking over the conference. Liz gladly accepted and took to planning the Global Coworking Unconference Conference (GCUC). The name was a tip of… Read More