Month: December 2012

How do you know if your community is leaking?

How much of your energy is focused on growing your community by adding new members? If the answer is “most of it”, you’re used to feeling overwhelmed. A big part of that overwhelm is likely the feeling that you can’t add new members fast enough, or that your hard work doesn’t seem to be paying off. It’s easy to focus on increasing the headcount, meanwhile forgetting about the critical factor that can put a strangle-hold on all of your growth projections: retention. Retention is the community metric that describes how long a member is actively participating. And like everything in communities, the value of retention is in noticing patterns to predict the… Read More

Making Coworking More Sustainable

Coworking is already, by nature, a sustainable idea. It’s part of the shared economy – which is part of the larger sustainability platform. By sharing and not duplicating resources, coworkers are quite eco-friendly just by going to work. But what if coworking spaces and members started doing more. Maybe the coworking movement can extend it’s green-mindedness to other on-going practices. I’d like to propose an Unconferece Session at GCUC to explore ideas for how coworking spaces can up the ante and adopt new practices that continue the march toward greater sustainability. I’m by no means a sustainability expert (but we have 3 – 4 members at Mojo Coworking who are). I think… Read More