Month: March 2012

Getting Un-Ready for the Global Coworking Unconference (guest blogger, Gretchen)

Gretchen of NextSpace and she is headed to Austin, TX for GCUC. But is she ready? NextSpace is headed out en masse to GCUC this week – the Global Coworking Unconference.  (Oh you want a link? My husband is getting the carry-on out of the basement for me tomorrow, and the kids have been prepped on when mama’s getting back.   And so has my community, my other family that I mother in bits and pieces as appropriate.  I’ve got an orange shirt ready to be packed, and I’ve checked out the agenda and made some mental notes about where I want to eat.  (Austin has my heart  – and my… Read More

Jean-Yves, GCUC speaker an founder of Global Enterprise, on the rise of Coworking

Global Enterprise has build an expertise in the new organizational and innovation models triggered by social technologies and human relationships. We developed a systemic approach covering key modern shifts occuring in the fields of digital communication, cultural and individual values, open innovation, people empowerment, flexible working, business agility and creativity. Global Enterprise provides with consultancy, expertise, facilitation, project management and networking services. We help with the building up of entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystems using a mix of social network, community management, events organization and setting up of coworking spaces. We also produce books, white papers and reports. Global Enterprise is the organizer of the Coworking Europe conferences (2010 in Brussels, 2011 in… Read More