Month: February 2012

Guest Blogger, Don Ball, shares: Lessons From 2 years in the Coworking Business

Guest blogger and GCUC speaker, Don Ball, shares the lessons he has learned from being in the Coworking business with CoCo for two years. He will be participating on the “Ask a Coworking Owner” panel at GCUC. We didn’t make a big deal of it, but on January 4th we celebrated CoCo’s 2nd anniversary. That is, if you consider a simple handshake a celebration. (We seem to have trouble stopping to admire the view – there’s just too much to get done!) In an nutshell, we opened our first space in Lowertown St. Paul in January 2010. Then, last July, we opened a space in Minneapolis, on the trading floor of the… Read More

Getting Ready for the Global Coworking Unconference 2012 in Austin, Texas

We’re so lucky to have Iris Kavanagh, seasoned community manager of Nextspace, helping us organize the Unconference side of GCUC. Here, she shares a little on what you can expect when you get to Austin for the Unconference: In the past year the coworking world has grown measurably, both in numbers of spaces and in general population awareness. Starting with the first ever Global Coworking Unconference, organized by our friends at Loosecubes and held in Austin last March, we have had a chance to gather and form a real life community that reaches beyond our Twitter channels and the Google Group. We’ve seen many mobile and online tools pop up over the past… Read More

The “I Share My Space” Coworking Video Contest is a Triple Threat

Have you heard about the “I Share My Space” Video contest? If not, it’s time you hear what it’s all about. If you have, what are you waiting for? Here are the 3 factors that make this contest a triple threat in the Coworking community: 1) A lucky Coworking member First of all, there are PRIZES.  Who doesn’t love prizes?! Winner of the contest will receive $1000 cash provided by LiquidSpace as well as a $1000 donation to the charity of your choice.  You can win some money and feel good about your donation at the same time. It’s simple: First you create a video (30 seconds or less) on what coworking… Read More